The Best Paragliding represents a great air adventure in Kotor Bay. This is the best opportunity for an active holiday in Kotor Montenegro.

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With us, you will discover delightful views of the incredible landscape of the southern fjords of Europe. And you will experience magnificent sensations from a free flight in the endless sky.

This activity is available to everyone. You do not need to have special training. Only a little bit of determination and unforgettable impressions you are guaranteed!

Montenegro provides tourists with a lot of interesting places for recreation and recreation for every taste. Speaking of traveling to this country it is impossible not to mention the city of Kotor which is located on the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea. The old town which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List deserves special attention.

The settlement is mentioned in the annals of the second century BC, but it acquired its present form in 1420–1797, when it was under the protectorate of Venice. This is one of the best preserved medieval cities of the Adriatic. It is worth coming here for the large number of medieval churches, a huge fortress wall (second in length after the Chinese), the picturesque nature of the suburbs - mountains, forests and the bay. But the best way to see all the beauty of this ancient settlement is to book a paragliding flight  above Kotor.

Aerial View City

Believe me this is an adventure that you will never forget. The feeling of free flight, the air currents carry you over the city, the sea and the mountains, in thoughts - unlimited delight. All the grandeur of nature and the creations of human hands at a glance, you see the beauty of the bay, the attraction of wild nature, the narrow streets of the old city, the majestic fortress wall. A paragliding flight in Kotor is a pleasure that cannot be compared with something else - you just have to try it!

This is scary? Of course, scary! This is the main highlight of the adventure - the wind raises you to a height of hundreds of meters above the ground, the flight takes place without any technical devices, such as an engine, only the wide wings of a paraglider. Adrenaline rolls over which makes the impression more vivid and memorable.

Of course, such an adventure should be captured in a photo or video. You can take your personal camera with you or rent it on site. The best option would be GoPro which is attached to the helmet. Even a few years later you can turn on the video and relive those amazing moments that you have experienced.

Paragliding in Kotor is carried out in tandem with an instructor. This is the best solution in terms of security - an experienced professional guarantees the safety of life and health of the tourist. In addition, he will be able to choose the flight route that will cover all the most interesting places. The bay, the ancient city, the mountains and the forest - you get maximum pleasure with minimal risk.

125 euro.

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